Confiance & Intuitu Personae

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An independent business firm


Founded in 2011, FMA is an independent French business firm dedicated to supporting its clients (companies / public entities / individuals) in the framework of a long-term partnership relationship.

Our firm intervenes on all business law issues, both private and public, and surrounds itself as much as necessary with external partners to best serve the interests of those who trust him.

Trust and Intuitu Personae


Because our clients entrust us with the defense of their interests, they must be able to count on us in all circumstances.

Concerned about a tailor-made service based on an intimate and personalized knowledge of the needs of our customers, we consider that our mission goes well beyond a simple legal assistance.

At the heart of our interventions, the trust and intuitu personae that we strive to develop are the core values of our firm and the DNA of our relationships with our customers.


Our firm assists companies of all sizes on all their entrepreneurial issues at each stage of their development (creation, growth, financing, restructuring, etc.)

Business Law and Litigation

Our firm supports companies of all sizes on all their entrepreneurial issues at each stage of their development (creation, growth, financing, restructuring, etc.). As a true partner of our customers, […]

Public Law

Our firm accompanies its clients (companies / public entities / individuals) on all public law issues they may encounter during the day-to-day implementation of their activities or missions, but also […]

Fiscal law

Our firm advises public and private actors (companies / company directors / individuals) in the tax management of their activities and the definition of optimal tax strategies to implement. In […]

Law of the Regulated Activities & Compliance

In an environment that is increasingly regulated and subject to a multitude of local, national or international authorities, it is essential to ensure not only the conformity of its activity […]

Construction Law

Due to its many interventions in real estate projects and infrastructure, our firm has recognized expertise in construction and major projects. We intervene regularly, in consulting as in complex litigation, […]

Urbanism Law

Our firm has proven expertise in planning and development law, and regularly assists clients in consulting and litigation. Technical matter and constantly evolving, our lawyers have an ad hoc legal […]

Real estate law

Our firm has a recognized expertise and transversal real estate law, allowing it to support its customers throughout the chain of development of a real estate project, as well as […]

Environmental Law & Sustainable Development

Specialist in environmental law and sustainable development, our team assists its clients in the management of all their environmental issues (classified installations, waste, polluted soils, mines and quarries, renewable energies, […]

Energy & Natural Resources Law

With a proven track record of developing projects in the energy (particularly renewable) and natural resources sectors, our firm assists SMEs, SMEs, large groups and investors in their development operations. […]

Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration

In the exclusive service of the interest of its customers, our firm assists them in the definition of the legal strategy most adapted to solve the difficulties encountered in the […]


Our firm has a specialized expertise and a historical experience of more than twenty years in the field of overseas territories law.

The only French business firm with three offices in Paris and the overseas territories, we are able to assist you in all the overseas territories (New Caledonia, Polynesia, West Indies, Guyana, Reunion , Mayotte).

Specific because of their geographical situation, the overseas territories are also specific from a legal point of view, ie that the law that applies to it is derogatory and autonomous from French metropolitan law, or that the context in which it applies leads to particular and unpublished solutions.

As a pioneer in this field, our firm is the ideal partner for your ultra-marine activities, by offering you its legal expertise of local rights, as well as its intimate knowledge of the local specificities and the economic, institutional and cultural contexts to be taken into account. consideration

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