Urbanism Law

Our firm has proven expertise in planning and development law, and regularly assists clients in consulting and litigation.

Technical matter and constantly evolving, our lawyers have an ad hoc legal expertise allowing them to anticipate difficulties by checking upstream the legal feasibility of your project under the many applicable urban planning rules, but also to intervene with responsiveness and efficiency at all stages of development in a conflict situation.

Essential to the success of the most complex operations and projects, our team is also aware of the concerns of the local public sector, and proactively supports its clients during the preparatory phase of the project in coordination with the competent authorities.

In this context, we intervene in particular in matters of:

  • Building permit and planning permission
  • Concessions, ZACs and development operations
  • Financial participation
  • Expropriation / Preemption
  • Commercial Urbanism
  • Planning documents
  • Environment
  • Administrative and judicial litigation